Mike and Danielle's Wedding!

Our Story

How We Met

Our freshman year at Penn State, mutual friends invited us both to a party after a football game. Upon walking up to the party, I (Danielle), instantly noticed Mike in the crowd, noticing how tall and handsome he was! We immediately struck up conversation and I don't remember ever leaving each other's side the rest of the night. Mike always says he knew I was the one when I mentioned I was a big hockey fan that night - it took me a while to convince him a friend wasn't playing a prank on him! From that night on, we began hanging out almost everyday and he became not just a companion, but my best friend. That summer, we met at one of my horse shows in Virginia where he surprised me with a huge bouquet of flowers and officially asked me to be his girlfriend. The rest is history!

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The Proposal

It was close to Easter and we were spending the weekend at Danielle's horse farm in North Carolina. I (Mike) knew I wanted to propose to her at her home because of how much the farm, her horses, and her family mean to her. It was Friday, March 29th and we were lying on the grass outside her house when I knew the time was right. It was a gorgeous spring day and so I asked Danielle to take a walk on one of the horse trails. I had so many things I had rehearsed over and over in my head that I wanted to tell her. How much she meant to me. How lucky I felt to have such an amazing relationship with someone who defines the word beautiful in every way. How much we had grown together since we met and how much I was looking forward to our future together. And as I was weaving my way through these heartfelt sentiments Danielle picked up on my nervousness. And she totally called me out on it. "Why is your hand so sweaty?" she asked as we held hands in an otherwise romantic embrace. "You are being really weird right now." Eventually she realized where I was headed and that's about the time I got down on one knee beneath a small patch of mistletoe and popped the question. The thing is, neither of us truly remembers what was said leading up to the big moment. But what we will remember is the genuine love, passion, and excitement we shared as we started the next phase of our life together.

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